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Warning: Not for those queasy with talk of bowel movements and faecel inspection. ^_^

Alot of the middle-aged people and old folks around me (and possibly all over Asia) have a habit of downing 2 glasses of water at one go the moment they wake up - meaning no brushing teeth yet. It's suppose to get your system going and that includes moving your bowels, which is probably due to the water pressure. Anyway, I've picked up that practice for a few months now and it seems to have done me good. Only hitch is that it tends to practically pulverize my crap so it comes out quite watery instead of the healthy banana-like shape, and leaves my ass stinging a little. Also, I usually have to go twice to feel "empty".

Even if I don't practice this I have no problems going regularly. It's just that I dislike the slightly bloated feeling you get when you wake up and haven't taken a crap yet which lasts till after lunch when I do have to sit on the throne.

Also, are there any negative effects of constantly giving my bowels a start up like that?

Any thoughts? Suggestions?
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