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Fat Fat Fat

I’m back from holiday. I went to France for a month, so, of course, I gained weight. I’ll know tomorrow how much I’ve gained. I know it’s enough to make my stomach look noticeably fatter.

I’ve managed to encourage my overweight friend to join the same gym as me so we can go together. She’s in the year above me, and she has left school while I’m in the last year of 6th form, so we’re hoping it’ll keep us in touch.

I missed my bike so much while I was in France. And I got a tan and freckles even though I was wearing factor 60 most days, and a sun hat and shades and I was covered up most of the time. I’m not liking how I look at the moment.

But moving on from my sad, depressing complaints, toward... The Future! (DAM da da DAAAAAM) Back to life in London, where I cycle everywhere, eat sensibly and sort out that gym membership asap.

My AS level results are arriving on Thursday, and I will not be held accountable for calories consumed through alcohol on that day. But apart from that, what I put in my body and what exercise I do is officially My Fault, and no longer the fault of being in France, the land of fine cuisine, without any means of exercise other than swimming lengths. (Dull.) I swam loads of lengths, but swimming just doesn’t feel like proper exercise to me. And it didn’t seem to have the effects that proper exercise should have. My overweight friend, who I was on holiday with, lost weight from the same amount of swimming, but she doesn’t do any exercise at home, so her body wasn’t used to it, whereas I was doing way less than usual.

Anyway, Again, Enough of the complaints. On to the positive. In London, I am limited to the food in my house, and therefore, it’s way easier to diet.

I hope everyone’s doing well. I shall weigh myself tomorrow and hopefully not spiral into a deep, dark circle of depression, angst and Gummi Bears.

Love Harriet
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