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I’m afraid to weigh myself, as I know that my month in France has done terrible, terrible things to me.

Most of my clothes don’t fit comfortably anymore. I have bulges over the top of jeans that used to be a little loose. I can’t wear them around my hips anymore, they only fit over my waist, and they just look stupid there. I was starting to like how I looked before the holiday.

I got my AS results yesterday, and drank a lot. I’m now going to avoid alcohol for a week or two to let my body catch up, and because I’m not used to cycling anymore, so I’ll need to be really healthy to help get my fitness back.

My legs and bottom ache from what I used to call 2 normal days’ worth of cycling. I’m letting them rest today and maybe tomorrow if they still hurt. And, of course, trying to eat lots of protein.

*Sigh * My poor, poor botty.

I HAVE to get a passport photo next time I’m out so I can get that ISIC card and join my gym at a discount. I’ve left it too long already. I may even pop out today and get one, as I’m not doing much.

And I have to stop using the fact that my friends are eating loads as an excuse to eat myself. Either they’re way thinner than me and can get away with it, or they’re way bigger, so I shouldn’t be doing what they do.

Off to make myself lunch: Stir-fry vegetables with a chicken breast.

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